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French Teacher's Workshop

French Teacher's Workshop

In collaboration with Queen Mira International School, the Workshop for French Teachers was organized by the Embassy of France in India/ Institut Français en Inde and IATF (Indian Association of Teachers of French) on 28th and 29th April 2017

“We learn from hearing about it, seeing it done, then doing it ourselves.”

The day started with a formal inauguration at Western Musical Studio. Mr. Keba Joseph Xavier, French teacher of QMIS addressed and welcomed the gathering; Ms. Sujatha Guptan, principal of QMIS delivered the presidential address and the dignitaries Mr. Emmanuel SAMSON and Mrs. Amrita Raghunandan spoke about the theme of this workshop.

Mr. Emmanuel SAMSON,Mrs. Amrita Raghunandan,

Attaché coopération pour le Français,Vice Présidente IATF,

Institut Français en Inde, Indian Association of Teachers of French.

Ambassade de France en Inde

Embassy of France in India.

were the resource persons in conducting the workshop for the French teachers and professors. 24 teachers and professors from south Tamil Nadu have participated in this workshop. The theme of this workshop was “solutions in the French classroom”.

The workshop was designed to make French language teachers better informed and to be updated to their pedagogical skills methodically within the classroom.

28th April 2017, the morning session of Mr. Emmanuel SAMSON was on “Methodologies and approaches in didactics of French language” and the forenoon session was coordinated by Mrs. Amrita Raghunandan in the teaching of “French phonetics.”

29th April 2017, Mr. Emmanuel SAMSON presided the training how to adopt the cognitive method in teaching the authentic documents in French Classes

The Goyal Publications – Centre of Foreign language books from Chennai had their book stall display, which made ease for the participants to buy and to be updated in the information of newly published French language books.

The management and the Principal of QMIS took utmost care in each and every area of the logistics with regard to venue, food, and refreshments.

On the whole, the two days French teachers workshop was really a great learning experience with a hand-in-hand approach and touch of QMIS, Embassy of France in India and IATF.

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