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Grandparents’ day

Grandparents’ day

“Grandparents make the world…. a little softer, a little kinder and a little warmer.”
To honour such Grandparents we at QMIS planned for a Grandparent’s day on 11.03.17. The day was arranged with pomp and grandeur. Games were planned with all necessary arrangements to engage the Grandpas and Grandmas.

As planned, the function started by 10am with a prayer song by our tiny tots of KG 2C, Deepshika, Harani and Manasa Devi. This was followed by the welcome address of SkanddhaPoorva of KG 2A. By 10.10am the first competition Luck deck for grandparents was organized by Ms Fathima and team in the basket ball court. The crowd was segregated based on the grade their grandchild belonged to. When one set of grandparents were playing , the other group was involved in sharing their experiences and expectations with Ms Anita the Compeerer of the day.

By 10.40 am Threading with Love, a competition for knotting the flower was conducted as an indoor activity for the Grandmas where the Grandpas and Grandchildren were helping and encouraging them.Following this, Grandpas were taken to Fill and win (Bottle filling race) and this time it was Grandmas and Grandchildren encouraging them for the competion.

And the final competion was for everybody, “The Masterpiece of love” where they had to make a photo frame with thefavourite photo of theirs. This turned out really awesome. We were able to visualize the creativity of the grand parents.

It is said that the time spent with our grandparents is filled with love and emotions. This was very much obvious looking at the grandma of Ryan Haris of KG1 A who shed her blood for making that photo frame. That was unbelievable. she was least bothered about the blood that was gushing out from her fingers and was only concentrating in the completion of her frame.This remembered us the saying

“ A Grandparent is someone with silver in their hair and gold in their heart”.
The program ended with the announcement of the prize winners
“Grandparents give unconditional Love, Kindness, Patience, Humour, and Comfort for the children that nobody else can fill. And the Grandchildren are the bridge between the Grandparents and the Parents .This was clearly inculcated in the minds of children".

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