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A Tribute to Dr.J.Jayalalitha

A Tribute to Dr.J.Jayalalitha

From a small girl of orthodox Brahmin Iyengar family to the Iron Lady of Tamil Nadu, her journey was not bed of Roses, but she rose to great heights having only her determination and courage as her companion. She was a woman of words and actions. Her words did earn a great respect as she had a command over her words. She was a woman of beauty and knowledge. Her loss is one which has created a huge vacuum in the heart of many.

We at QMIS, as a sign of showing our respect and love, did organise for a floral tribute on 10.12.16 in the school premises. The ceremony started with a prayer song followed by speech by our respected Principal Ms Sujatha Guptan. Children did volunteer to share information about the Iron Lady and did express their grief over the loss. They did highlight on Ms Jayalalitha’s struggle and success from her birth till her death as a single strong woman. Floral tribute was initiated by the Guest of the day Mr Sendhuraan followed by the principal Ms Sujatha, and all the teachers and the students. Her demise proved to be a great loss for the state and people lost a dedicated leader. May her soul rest in peace and let she shower her blessings on all.

One who wins without problem, It is just “Victory”.

But one who wins with a lot of troubles, that is “History”

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