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KG 2-Slumber Bash

KG 2-Slumber Bash

“An event that’s unique and is always looked forward by the children is the Slumber Bash”. This slumber party was organised on 28th January for the KG2 children having the purpose of educating the children to be independent and to take up responsibilities.

The team QMIS had invited Dora to entertain the children. The doors were decorated with cut-outs of Dora and Her friend Buji. The decorations were done in such a way that the children experienced the feeling of entering a forest. The children were welcomed with Dora invitation card and a tangy orange welcome drink. As our customary practice, the evening commenced with an invocation to God. Thereafter the party excitement began.

There was an Edusports activity for both the children and the teachers. After a hearty play with their friends and teachers, they watched the Dora movie in a theatre like venue with pop corns in hand that carried them into a different world. Delicacies were served to the children at Q’s Cafeteria where they enjoyed their friends’ companionships and relished the dinner. Thereafter, the camp fire welcomed them to dance around as a team according to the tune of music. The day did come to an end with their bed time routines and the children were happily on their beds, getting ready to doze off hearing the bed time stories.

The next day did unfold with a cup of hot chocolate. After having their favourite drink, they got ready to welcome the sun and spend some time with it. The children were motivated to involve themselves in physical activities and the benefits of the same were discussed.

The delicious sandwich with cupcake was ready to boost up their energy level. After a scrumptious breakfast, the children got busy in packing up their things and were waiting anxiously to see their parents. The party did come to an end with loads of memories to be shared.

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