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Open House Meeting KG

Open House Meeting KG

“Some time we need to look at life from different perspective”
Open House Meeting is one such opportunity given to the parents of new students admitted in this academic year 2016 -17.

This was scheduled from 16th November to 15th December to observe the daily routine that is happing inside the class room so that they get a clear knowledge that their ward is in an activity based learning environment.

The main objective of the open house meeting is to make them understand the way and the methodology the teacher uses. This will surely help the parent to revisit the same concept at home when they make their ward to do his/her home work

Parents enthusiastically took part and observed the classes of either the alternative class or one grade higher of their ward’s grade. Parents were highly satisfied with the way the children were handled. They have also sent their feed backs through edusparrow.

This open house meeting has taken the parents back to their school life.