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Slumber Bash Grade1

Slumber Bash Grade1

A Unique initiative by the QMIS Team to explore and fix the independency of Children

“The word of Mouth” about the slumber party happening at QMIS, has created a wave among the children. This curiosity of attending this party was evidently seen from grade I children. In order to make them experience this independency and enjoyment, Slumber Bash was organised for grade I children on 17th of September.

The theme of the Slumber Bash was “Seasons”. The entire school was decorated with cut outs representing the different seasons.

The celebration started with a warm welcome to our little champs, following which the agenda was discussed to make the children all the more excited. Principal Ms. Sujatha and Ms. Shajitha created a wave of thought by their music and movement, teaching the students some rhymes. Following which, the children were made to watch one of their favourite movies munching their favourite popcorn.

There was a story time session where Master Vinesh Ayyappan of Grade 1C made it very interesting by narrating “The Lion and The Mouse” story, with a great thought followed by great imagination. The story time ended with Ms. Kalpana taking hold of the stage and narrating an inspirational story to motivate the children to do good deeds

The children enjoyed eating Parata and veg curry for their dinner. They were taught on general bed time routines that one has to follow before a sound sleep.

Next morning brought in a fresh smile on their face after a tiresome night as they witnessed the view of sunrise with their friends and in no time welcoming the day with some physical exercises and breakfast with cheese sandwich and muffins. Then the children packed their luggage and went back home with their parents carrying loads of happiness, laughter and memories to share.

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