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Slumber Bash Grade 3

Slumber Bash Grade 3


An event, signature of its kind, asserting that the QMIS is truly an international school, is the slumber bash organized for its kiddos.
Yes, it’s an overnight stay away from their parents. The practice makes their kids get away from the pampering of their parents; venturing in new environment,unfurling their imaginations. They group with their peers, letting their timidness to pass by.

The Slumber party for grade 3 was held on 26th of November. They were enthralled to shake hands with the sea creatures, which were thronging as door decorations, penguin welcome cards and a face mask. Boys were given special moustache.

The tangy orange drink welcomed the kids, who were yet to sink in the fun and frolic that was waiting that evening. Be it the movie treats of ‘The Finding Dory’ accompanied with home popped masala corns; or
or the sumptuous steaming chapattis with kurma, the appetite of the children were dealt with delicious spreads.

Then for the food to settle in the intestines the kids had rendezvous in the open with the warm bonfire lit, the kids tried their feet for the latest tunes

The warm cozy bed awaited the tired kids. The teacher could only see the kids settle in their bags; but could not control their husky gossips till late night.

Sunday started with welcoming the Sun and a little jogging to refresh their mind and body. To make their departure unforgettable, the young buds were treated with muffins and cheese sandwiches at morning.
“Today’s beautiful moments are tomorrow’s wonderful memories.”

There was a photo session that brought the party to an end. They were thrilled on seeing their parents back, though felt saddened to leave such a fabulous party hoping this will be enjoyed in future too.

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