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Summer Splash

Summer Splash

Summer always ends with good memories.

“Summer is the season for children to take time off from their regular chore of going to school. So, the summer vacation is, in another way, an opportunity to indoctrinate certain life skills while having fun. This has made QMIS come up with the concept of Summer Splash.”

Summer Splash II, the 10 days of fun and enjoyment started on May 1st 2017and went on till 10th of May. This was for the children to introduce themselves to them, so that they turn into capable and confident individuals. There were three main categories based on their age. Under each category there were 3 groups, of which children had to choose one from each group.

Category 1 was for grades 1 and 2. It had three groups, A, B and C. Under group A, it was Reading Express, an activity to enhance their reading skills and Little Granny, which taught children to narrate stories.

Group B had crafty hands and Flashy feet. Crafty hands dealt with art and craft and Flashy feet was for those who had a passion for dance.

Group B had Fun and fitness, which dealt with the enhancing of basic motor skills and Splashy Zone- the fun activity which children loved to do during the summer season i.e. swimming

Group B had Little Chef and Crafty hands. Little chef, as the name goes was to teach children to cook easy and tasty recipes.

Group c was exclusively sports, with an option of Basketball, Foot ball, Chess and TT.

Category 3 was for Grades 6 to 9. This was again solely sports. The children were trained on their favorite sport. It had three sessions, Warm up and fitness work out, that would help children to equip themselves to become strong enough to play the game. The second session was Skill Drill were the children were focused on the game related skills. They also did have a video session were children got an opportunity to witness the various skills used in the game by their favorite players.

An exclusive lesson plan was prepared to make the summer a memorable one. It is said” Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try. “So after their accomplishment, the children were given a platform to try whatever they have learnt. The children did make the valedictory program lively by demonstrating their learning. The certificates of the same were handed over to the children by the Principal Ms Sujatha Guptan. Both the parents and the students were happy that they have spent their 10 days of summer vacation in a fruitful way.

“Education is not filling of a vessel but the lighting of a flame.”

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