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Super Family- Grades 1 and 2

Super Family- Grades 1 and 2

Family – Where life begins and Love never ends.

The greatest memories in life are your family’s memories, the time that you’re with them and proud to be happy because of their love. In order to create such memories to the children, QMIS hosted Super Family on 25.02.17.

Happy families of Grades 1 and 2 students did eagerly come with full energy and spirits to have fun with their little ones. After invoking the blessings of the god, our Principal Ms. Sujatha Guptan welcomed the gathering. Various competitions like Toy from Trash, Flameless Cooking, Edusports, Getting ready to school and Rapport rap were conducted.

Edusports was attended by all the parents with sportive spirit. It was interesting to see the children involving themselves along with their parents in making toys from Trash. Nearly 21 participants showed their expertise in flameless cooking. The aroma filled the air and tempted everyone to taste the relishing dishes prepared by the parents.

The little ones felt proud to showcase their parent’s talents. Another exciting event was Getting ready to school. Usually parents would be tensed and will become tired before they could send their children to school, but at QMIS we gave them an opportunity to enjoy doing the same.Rapport rap was the most exciting event as this did bring out all their love and concern by knowing even the smallest details about each other.

Excitement filled the air when it was time to declare the winners. The eagerness and the pride could be seen in both the parent’s face and the child’s face.Follwing this Ms Jeya Dhinakaran did propose the vote of thanks that marked the end of the event Super Family but definely not the love and care which markes them as a Super Family. They would definitely cherish this happiest occasion in their memories.

Love in the family grows strong and deep leaving special moments to treasure and keep.

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