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Super Family

Super Family

The Love of a family is Life’s greatest blessing

QMIS hosted Super family on 26.11.16. Happy families of Pre K.G, K.G I and K.G II students entered the campus with the blooming smile on their faces

After invoking the blessings of the god, our Principal Ms. Sujatha Guptan welcomed the gathering. Various competitions like Toy from Trash, Flameless Cooking, Edusports, Getting ready to school and Rapport rap were conducted. Edusports was attended by all the parents with sportive spirit.

Nearly 27 parents with their children engrossed themselves in making toys from Trash. That was a fantastic moment to see the children holding painting bottles in their hands, helping the parents.
Grandparents and parents showed their expertise in flameless cooking.

Fantastic aroma filled the air and everyone was attracted towards the vegetable salads, tender coconut payasam, fruit juices, laddus and fruit salads. Another interesting event was getting ready to school. Parents’ struggle could be seen in getting the children ready for school. Rapport rap depicted the good rapport between the parents and the children This event proved the quality time spent by the parents with their children in understanding their kids’ interests and love towards their passions. At 1.45 pm, the principal Ms. Sujatha Guptan announced the winner’s names and Ms. Fatima contributed the vote of thanks. The parents admired and appreciated the management for the happiest event “Super Family”. They would cherish this happiest occasion in their memories.

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