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A Visit to the Handloom House

A Visit to the Handloom House

“We need handloom the same way we need the wisdom of our forefathers. As it percolates down the generations, to our children and theirs, it teaches us the value and the eternal beauty of culture and tradition”

The very word “Handloom” brings to our mind the image of our Father of Nation spinning the yarn. This industry has come a long way since then. In order to bring in awareness about this sector, which is the largest in terms of employment and meager in terms of monetary benefits, Grades 1 and 2 were taken on a field trip on 16.07.16 to Munichalai.

The children were bubbling with curiosity and expressing their eagerness to know how their dresses were made. The teachers utilizing this opportunity briefed the children about the process during their journey in the bus as it would help them understand better when seeing it.

Our little ones were ready to explore the place at around 11AM. They were given a very warm welcome by Mr Anand, the person who owns the weaving unit. He did take the children around explaining the process and also helped them learn the various terminologies like weaving, handloom, power-loom, dyeing and machinery. The difference between the handloom and power loom was explained in order to make the children understand the difficulty in weaving the dresses.

This Field visit turned out to be a great success as the objective of taking the children there was fulfilled. On the way back children came up telling that henceforth they would keep their dresses safely.

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