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Independence Day Celebration
Independence Day Celebration

“Freedom in the Mind, Faith in our words, Pride in our hearts and memories in our souls” , the 70 th year of Independence was celebrated at Queen Mira International School on 13.08.16 with style and Grandeur. Mr. R. Gurusamy, Deputy Superintendent of Police was the Chief Guest of honour. He graced the occasion with his valuable presence amidst his busy schedule. Mr. Gurusamy, DSP, Mr. C. Chandran, the Chairman of the school, Mr. Abinath Chandran, the Director and Ms. Sujatha, the Principal paid floral tribute to Sri Aurobindo, Mother Mira and Mrs. Jhansi Rani Chandran, Vice Chairman.

Dr.C. Chandran, Chairman welcomed the Chief Guest and honored him. Dr. Chandran advised the students to be honest and responsible future citizens and serve the country. Each and every student is given freedom to express and expose the inherent talent. Education is Secondary, Character and Discipline is the Primary concern and goal of QMIS.

A stylish, crisp, slow march was performed by the Student Council while the others were seated under the magnificent Arabian Tents. A moment of Pride and a Spectacular sight! The office bearers of Student’s Council took the oath under the governance of Mr. R. Gurusamy, DSP. Following which Ms. Pranavi stole the hearts of the audience with her Patriotic song.

Mr. R. Gurusamy, DSP, in his Presidential address, praised the Chairman and the Director for running the School oh high caliber. He appreciated the Management for bringing out the talents of the students. He insisted that Brain Drain of efficient people should be avoided to promote the growth of the Nation. He recalled the sacrifice of the great leaders of yester years and asked the students to be grateful and responsible to the Nation.

The students were awarded for their spectacular performance in the Independence Day Competitions by the Chief Guest of honor and by Mr. Chandran.

Ms. Purani and Master. Sri Ram kept the crowd spell bound with their effective Compeering. The Vice Principl, Ms. Kalpana rendered the Vote of thanks. The Great occasion of the 70th Independence came to an end with the National Anthem.

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