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Seasons add Spice to life
Seasons add Spice to life

The KG department celebrated “seasons” activity on 16th of September. The purpose of this activity was to educate the children about all the seasons and the topics related to it.The preparations for the same started two days prior. Four classrooms were selected to represent the four seasons. Training was given to the wards on related topics.

The class that was decorated for summer gave a fresh and bright look. Children were wearing yellow colour dress to denote the sunny day. In fact the children looked like Sun having a broad smile. The class was highlighted with yellow balloons, music and food that is good to have during summer.

In the Monsoon class the kids were having fun wearing their blue colour dress and anxiously looking at the clouds waiting for the rain to come so that they can get wet. Many of them where wearing raincoats and holding umbrella looking at the cloudy sky. They brought foods that one eat during the rainy season. It included mushroom briyani, corn, kachori and so on.

The winter class was decorated with castle, boat, snowflakes everywhere. The very sight of this made everybody feel cold. The children were dressed up in white colour and were looking like gorgeous fairies & snowmen. The children enjoyed themselves talking about winter and telling poems related to the Season.

Spring the queen of seasons was decorated with flowers and butterfly. The children were looking like newly grown plants and flowers in their green dress. That indeed gave a fresh feeling. The beautiful butterflies in the classroom gave a smile on the children’s faces.

Director Mr Abinath, Principal Ms Sujatha along with the Vice Principals did make their presence and motivated the children. The children in turn showed their love towards them by sharing the food that they had brought. Teachers and children from grades 1 to 11 also visited these classes. There was no need to explain to the children as the decorations were self explanatory. On the whole this activity brought in happiness for the organisers, participants and the viewers.

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