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Navrathri and Vijayadhasami celebration

Navrathri and Vijayadhasami celebration

We at QMIS organized Navrathri celebration with Gaiety and Grandeur which did come to an end with the Vidyaramba and Aksharabhyasam on 11th October.

The ultimatum of the celebration is to propitiate Shakthi, the Goddess of power, to bestow upon men and women all wealth lusciousness, prosperity, knowledge and all other potent powers.

No doubt these positivities might have been bestowed upon our team as the ritual was done without any religious discrimination by our team QMIS.

The Golu was really awesome. The usual nine steps Golu was made more special with the Bala Krishna Leela. The Ramar bridge part of the epic Ramayana was depicted with creativity that attracted everybody’s eyes towards it. Behind this there was a miniature of a mountain with lord Muruga on his peacock wagon.

To add on to these rituals and to bring in a festive spirit, our Children also performed Dandiya.

This year the Vidyaramba and the Aksharbhayasam added more sanctity as we had our parents, teachers and students as one family to perform the pooja rituals. The children were made to write on grain as it indicates acquisition of knowledge that leads to prosperity. All the participants were offered sweet pongal and a small gift as a token of love and gratitude.

With our prayers we have invoked Mother Durga to annihilate within ourselves all negative forces so as to make our year a healthy and wealthy one.

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