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Trip to reliance super market
Trip to reliance super market

"The true success of education is creating in children the ability to employ acquired knowledge into everyday lives"

The Kindergarten department organized a trip to reliance supermarket on 29th of July 2016. The objective of the visit was to give children a practical exposure to how employees at a supermarket help them to make their shopping easier. The students were taught about the different section of a supermarket. They were introduced to the concept of organizing and reading signs to make work easier. The students were then made to interact with the employees at the supermarket to know what their nature of job was.

As we know, “Please” and “Thank you” are still magical words. Manners are not something that can be taught without showing it. So the teachers grabbed the opportunity to teach the children the basic social skills such as talking softly in the public place, saying thank you after availing help, saying sorry when they bump into someone and standing in a queue for billing.

On the whole the trip proved to be a great success as the teachers achieved in incorporating their lesson plan as well as teaching the most required manners.

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