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Independence Day Celebration

As our motto says “More & Beyond”, we celebrated the 69th Independence Day, a day ahead on14th August, 2015 in our premises. The mood of historical celebration has been created by having a distinctive ambience and the cultural performances were also splendid. The day was brought into the declaration of a brighter future as the new office bearers of the prefectorial body were invested. The school student council performed a stylish crisp march and took up the oath to discharge their duties sincerely and independently. The pages of Indian history book may not have the information of Shenbaga Raman and Vikram Batra. But the students of QMIS brought them into limelight in the course of skits after so many decades. On top of all, the guest of the day was Mr.Samant Rohan, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Law & Order was the chief guest of the day. He was staggered to know that one of the student’s ambitions is to become a naturopathy doctor. He briefed the acronym “AYUSH” as Ayurvedha, Yunani, Siddha and Homeopathy. And these medicines to be unified with current technology to eliminate the evil effects of Allopathy. He wanted the children should have fun in schooling. Beyond that, students should be taught about the lives of great pupil anthology should be made and that should reach every student. This is to rejoice & salute the people who made India stand high and mighty. When he was questioned by a student as, being an engineering graduate why did he choose Police department? He was thrilled to answer this question as he wanted to share his aspiration with the students. He was quoting that, Money and Luxury gave him only the comfort but the Indian administrative service gives him utmost satisfaction as he renders his knowledge and hard work for the sake of Indian public. Adding to the pinnacle he affirmed that, knowledge of engineering has been utilized in his department by creating a separate website in the name of “Madurai City Police”, which is the first ever website for the department of police in the Indian history. Chairman Dr. C. Chandran addressed the congregation and insisted the students to follow 3 D’s. D – decision, determination and devotion to achieve the goal. And he suggested the students to get into civil services which would make the country mightier. The day ended with National Anthem. The students left with patriotic sensation.

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