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Student Exchange Program - Visit Malaysia

Visit to Malaysia – a Student Exchange Program Initiative

"It is time to open up a new chapter in the life of QMIS, and to explore a larger centre”

A team of 18 students, Staff and members of Management and Advisory board were on an experiential five days trip to Malaysia on 12th April 2014. With all the blessings of the Almighty and the wishes of all benevolent people, the initiative for the Student Exchange Program (SEP) had began with this visit. Our meeting with Datuk M.Saravanan, Deputy Minister for Sports and Youth Welfare was very purposeful and it laid a strong foundation for a sustained relationship for the years to come. The inspiring meeting also inspired the leaders of tomorrow – our children and instilled a great confidence in them. With the guidance of the Deputy Minister Datuk Saravanan our team visited Fletcher Tamil School and Bukit Jalil Sports School, which had paved way for initiating our SEP. With the successful start of proposals to have expertise training at Bukit Jalil Sports School which produces international players, the team returned home on early 17th April 2014.

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