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Ms Rachel's Visit

Ms Rachel's Visit

“Known is a drop and Unknown is an Ocean”

We QMIS'ians always have our door open to eminent personalities for sharing their experiences that would be taken as a guideline as “The only source of Knowledge is Experience.”One such visit that gave in a lot of insight on Montessori teaching and Kindergarteners was that of Ms Rachel Weiss, University of Wisconsin and Ms Esther Weiss, Head Teacher with 3 decades of experience in the Montessori environment.

Ms Esther Weiss was a teacher by profession for almost 50 yrs and runs a Montessori school of her own. She was humble enough to share her experiences with the Kindergarten teachers on effective handling of children giving them their space and self respect that they demand right from their young age. She also demonstrated the teachers on how to use music as an effective tool in teaching to reach the children. She was amazed to find our tiny tots highly interactive and was happily spending time telling them stories.

Further to that Ms.Rachel Weiss had discussion on Student Internship program in the upcoming Summer for the students of University of Wisconsin with the Principal Ms.Sujatha Guptan.

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