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Visit to Aavin
Visit to Aavin

“The more of learning is done visually”

As a part of education towards blooming entrepreneurs and leaders the children of grades 4 and 5 had a visit to the Aavin Industry in Madurai on the 13th of February 2016, with the objective of educating them on the concept of small scale industries and the large scale industries, milk products and the process of milk production.

First our visit guide took us to the dispatch centre where they explained how the raw milk from various cooperative centers across Tamil Nadu is sourced, stored and supplied to the processing plant.

We were then guided to the purifying chambers, connecting chambers etc. They explained the mechanism of these and the role they played in the process flow.

The different types of pasteurized milk such as toned, standardized, full cream and double toned, and how these are categorized were elucidated. Samples of each were given and these tasted really yummy!! At the packaging section, we learnt how milk packets were labeled in batches and how to identify a set of packets if anything goes wrong.

Finally, we were taken to the disposal plant and explained the process of separating the waste from the milk using huge machines. It was interesting to know that the waste is further separated to get recyclable organic waste which is used in the manufacture of soap, and water for gardening. The trip was great fun, and a good learning experience, our heartiest thanks to Aavin for the opportunity and its employees for explaining the processes in a simple and structured manner.

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