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Aging -Can that be postponed ?

Aging -Can that be postponed ?

“Ageing is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength……”

- Betty Friedon

As a part of the Current Awareness Session, the faculty – Ms.Suganthi Gopi and Ms.Aysha Siddika presented on the most attention-grabbing topic “Ageing – Can that Be Postponed???” The students were very much fervent and keen to know if really there was some phenomenon that would postpone ageing. This made the children to listen to the presentation with paramount attentiveness.

The following points were talked about in the presentation

  • Macrobiotic Diets, recycled health practices, latest fashion in gray – market hormone therapy & other forms of chicanery
    - fan the flames of hope.
  • All the attempts to restore or sustain youthful energy have just one thing in common: failure to achieve their goal.
  • Evolutionary and therapy experiments prove that hundreds genetically determined biochemical pathways influence longevity and increase the life span.
  • The five ways to avoid ageing
    1. 1. Drink Plenty Of Water
      2. Reduce Stress
      3. Intake of proper diet
      4. Regular Exercise
      5. Stay Cool and Focused

    Last but not the least the session came to end sharing the adage “Let your age grow old but not your heart!”

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