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Airport Visit
Airport Visit

Transportation is the centre of the world!
It’s the glue of our daily lives!

To inculcate the importance of the above said quote, Kindergarteners were taken around the city to show the different modes of transportation.
Right from the onset of the journey, the children were educated on the various means of transportation by singing a rhyme,

“Red Light Red light what do you say! “

Children were eager to share their knowledge on the traffic light and safety rules that were taught to them in their classrooms.
Though the visit was to the airport, children also enjoyed seeing the rail transport and the road transport on their way.
Children were bubbling with enthusiasm and fervor looking at the aircrafts taking off and landing .They were also briefed about the pilot, passport and visa. They expressed their glee by singing a rhyme

“Aeroplane! Aeroplane!
Up in the Sky”

With unending excitement and enthusiasm, children returned back to school carrying enough knowledge on the different modes of transportation.

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