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Bakery Visit - 2016
Bakery Visit

“Baking with your child is a great opportunity for special bonding time.”

Baking is a hands-on learning experience and a great way for kids to express themselves and enjoy their creations. Baking will stimulate the child’s senses of sight, taste, smell and texture. As a part of an experiential and essential teaching our budding bakers of grades 1 & 2 visited Puppy’s Bakery on Friday 8th January 2016. Teaching children about the real life and a variety of careers and jobs at an early age opens up their minds to many opportunities in the future. The children were so excited to learn how their favorite cakes are made. They were excited to decorate their personal cakes, and were eagerly waiting for the cakes to be baked inside OTG (Oven, Toaster and Griller) machine. On the whole it was a yummy visit!

Play, Learn, Create and Bake!

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