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A Visit to Jayaram Bakery

A Visit to Jayaram Bakery

The Best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.

Knowledge comes from learning and Wisdom comes from living, We at QMIS strongly believe and follow the above said quote and edutain(education through entertainment) the children as this would be a learning for their life.

Our KG children along with their teachers and principal visited Jayaram bakery on 22nd of Aug, 2015.. The children were given a warm welcome and were taken around explaining the procedure of cake making. As cake is one of the favourites of children, they were curious to know about the making of it. They did learn about the various baking terminologies.

Not only were the children taught how to make it but were also given cookies and cakes to taste and relish it.

This fieldtrip did entertain and educate the children making it a sweet memory for them to cherish.

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