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Slumber Bash Celebration

Slumber Bash Celebration

“Childhood is a Journey not a race.”

We at QMIS take utmost care in making the Journey of a child adventurous, thrilling and happy. We are certain that any child would carry these memories all through his life. So we fill it with as many happy moments as possible.

Slumber Bash is one such activity that gives immense happiness and ecstasy for a child. Any day of the school year is a great day for a special event! This time grade II children were given a chance to take part in the Slumber Party that was organized on 12th September 2015. 35 children stayed overnight at school and spent their time joyfully with their dear ones.

For any party, creating the feel is one big challenge. But for the QMIS’ ians it comes with ease. The teachers had brought in China into the campus as the theme taken was Oriental.

“Twilight drops her curtain down, and pins it with a star”

The children were too excited when they were given a welcome by Tsai Shen and C’hang o. The oriental theme with the dragons, lanterns and the color of red and gold did attract and impress each and every child. They did not have even the slightest worry of staying away from their parents. The magnificent setting did steal the children’s heart and they were too engrossed in partying. The party started with a small prayer to the almighty following which the briefing of the agenda was done by the teachers. The slumber bash was in full swing as the activities for the night started. The first one on line was the various games organized by Edusports. After spending energy playing and sweating, they were made to watch a movie “Jurassic World” with buttery popcorns. This did really refuel them. It did not stop with this; they had a relishing mouthwatering dinner at Q’s Cafeteria following which was their favorite activity, the campfire. There was fun, dance, songs and stories. It went on till the fire ceased. With expectations for a fun filled morning, children went to bed after their bed time brushing, praying and of course bed time stories. The activities on the following day started at 6.30 am with hot chocolate milk .They had a warm up session following which they had a healthy and tasty breakfast with their friends. There was a lot of chatting and sharing of experiences as they all were about to get back home. They bid goodbye to their friends with the heavy heart and they were eager to welcome their parents to share their experiences and also to thank them for giving permission to utilize the wonderful opportunity given to them. Thus the slumber party ended with a happy note.

“They may forget what you said but they will not forget how you made them feel”

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