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Evolution of Bicycle

The intention of the topic is to enrich the kids with the information about the evolution of bicycle. The CAS session enriched with different models of bicycle from the base model to advanced model namely Hobby Horse, Velocipede, Penny farthing, and Rover safety bicycle. The information like who invented it, and about the parts in it, the first cycle model "Hobby horse" was designed without pedals, springs and breaks based on the technology of horse-drawn wagons, in which we have to use our own legs to move, that filled the kids with excitement. In 1870 the bicycle namely "Penny farthing" designed with the large front wire spoke wheel, light tubular frame, ball bearings, solid rubber tires and hollow-section steel frames at first. In 1885 the Rover safety Bicycle with two equally-sized wheels featuring the rear-chain-drive invented by Henry Lawson in 1879 was introduced. John K Starley was the father of bicycle.

The kids enjoyed on seeing the pictures of the all the models of bicycle. They got familiar with the different types of bicycle available especially about the shaft driven bicycle i.e., run without the chain and Recumbent bicycle, where we can rest our back and ride the bicycle. Finally the session end with the saying "Overall economics says that, travelling by bicycle is cheaper than walking!"