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Bikers Day

Report on Bikers Day

Through Bikers Day initiative, Grade 3 children were lead on a workshop in QMIS to kindle the spark of love towards bikes. The hour gave an introduction to bikes, working of it, maintenance and safety measures one should ensure while riding. The expert team consisted of two bikers Mr. Ronald Rodrigo and Mr.TharunSomasekar from Rock de Road, Madurai. The session was opened with getting to know each other, every child’s first love; role plays on maintaining a bike, brainstorming on parts of a bike, art of designing one’s own bike and fun ride on the track. The day provided Euphorians (Grade 3) with in depth knowledge on bikes. The intention of the hour was not just fun but mere awareness how one is responsible to himself and his belonging. The children had an opportunity to learn a different approach to develop the skill of riding without crashing. It also taught them the importance of seeing, being seen and remain under control at all times while riding .

A note from Mr. Ronald Rodrigo, Rock de Road.

After 6 years of my schooling, it was the day I regretted for not being in a school like QMIS. Indeed the present generation are fortunate having a place like your educational institution which provides best facilities with quality education. Having a school like yours while one grows up is the greatest gift and blessing anyone could ever have. I loved being with Euphorians. They were very active, energetic, interactive and curious through the hour. They popped up with ever thought answers which were very innovative and unique.

I extend my thanks and gratitude to the Director, Principal and all related people who had given me a chance. Being part of your team had strengthened to move forward more resolutely in achieving our mission to rediscover the passion of riding to all age groups.

All the years ahead, I hope I had made a basement with care and concern to your kids which will make them keep discovering all the love for bikes throughout their life.

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