Camping to Avalanchi, ooty

Camping to Avalanchi, ooty

“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness”

In order to give the children of QMIS a universal learning, the Management had arranged for a Camping trip as a part of Adventure club. 33 children of graders 5 to 8 accompanied by 4 staff members set off to The Destiny Farm stay, Avalanchi, Ooty on 5th September 2015.Going by the name “The Littlearth” , one was able to experience the 5 elements of the nature.

Trekking to The Littlearth Mountain camp about 6 km through mountains was very challenging and thrilling as the environment was salubrious. The Campsite was set on with varieties of plantations, gardens that were organically produced.

It is said “A positive attitude and an open mind are true characteristics of all good fishermen” To inculcate these qualities in children, they were given an exposure to fishing. Though, not all were successful they enjoyed the activity. In addition to this, there were many more activities like Monkey Crowning, Horse Riding, and Zip Locker where the students exhibited their confidence and physical strength. Camping does not get over without a campfire. This is the time children share their meaningful moments in the trip which is carried on as a memory forever.

On the whole this Three day camping trip did give a lot of confidence and endurance to the children along with the fun and frolic that they had. This Camping Trip adds on to the Success story of the Adventure club. And such successes give the inspiration to travel an extra mile.

“Time camping isn’t spent, it’s invested”.

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