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CAS Snippet on June, 2012 Co- activity sessions

International Olympic Day June 23 ‘2012

The history of ancient games and modern Olympics games evolution of Olympic games, the events which are being conducted and the motto of the Olympic day were discussed on this ppt.The major role of National Olympic committees and the ideals characters of a sportsman were shared in the session. Children came to know about Mr.Pierri de Coubertin who instigated this and the purpose of organizing events were exposed .They were motivated by our Indian’s achievements in Olympic. Children enjoyed it by watching the preparations of 2012 Olympics at London and they were excited after getting the data about “Wembley stadium “which has the capacity of 90,000 and the largest in the world.The major highlight of this topic was how events of the world economically important to develop the status of a country by discussing the arrival of new jobs at London and it was concluded with the quote saying that "Taking part is more important than wining".