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Children's Day Celebration
Children's Day Celebration

A Report on Children’s Day Celebration. 14th November, 2014.

It was indeed a great day of cherishable moments for every one of us, when we had our Children’s day celebrations in our school premises. The day started with our general assembly offering prayers to the almighty. Soon after, we assembled in the court yard to start the celebration with great pomp and pleasure for the performance events which were exclusively planned for the day.

The actual celebration started with a variety of events from 10th of November, where in the children proved their splendid talents and potentials where ever they got their turns. We had a variety of competitions planned for children, category wise.

The KG children in group I had events like colouring, threading the beads, building blocks, dress up – My favourite Cartoon and combo games where in their hidden talents were brought to lime light. Group II with children in grades 1 and 2 had their platform open, to prove themselves in the activities like colouring, obstacle relay, word building, toy talk and clay modeling, solo singing and solo dancing.

Drawing and colouring, thirukkural recitation, spell bee, obstacle relay, quiz, art from waste , solo singing, solo dance and instruments were the events open for group III with children from grades 3,4 and 5. Group IV with graders 6, 7 and 8 had events like creative writing, drawing and colouring, debate, ad-act, quiz, hair stylist, solo singing, solo dancing, mimicry and instruments to bring out their talents.

With all these competitions held on different dates and timings between 10th and 14th of November, the most awaited moment of the celebration was on 14th, the teacher’s show for the children. No doubt, each and every program as given by teachers reflected all their love for children. Teachers shared their home made food with the children and presented a memento to all the children. And with that, the event came to an end with lots of fun filled moments to be cherished for the lifetime.

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