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Child Labour

Child Labour

It is not just books that deliver knowledge all times but knowledge can be gained through media, news, and various other sources. One such important source is the QMIS teacher’s bank. The Current Awareness Session in QMIS is an alluring and brain storming session. As the name speaks for it, the children get to educate themselves with many current affairs and facts.

The CAS on “Child Labour – Causes and Cure” was handled by Ms Kalyani Venkatesh and Ms Esther Karthika. The session enlightened the children on what exactly is child labour, the causes, and how it could be eradicated. It also gave information about the major countries that are affected with child labour and the laws that are framed against this in these countries. The children were educated on World Child Labor Day and the Help Line that would aid them be a change factor for a brighter society.

“Show a child love and care, Child labour is just not fair”

“Don’t let the child take a tool, let him go to a school”

“ Let the school be a child’s workshop”