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Report On Christmas Day Celebration

QMIS endeavors to instill the significance of every religious celebration with an objective to enable students to imbibe and probe into the realities, myths, origin, tradition, beliefs and values that encircle every religious celebration. The Christmas day celebration at QMIS was not an exception to it. The Christmas day celebration at QMIS filled with joy, peace, lights and excitement enthralled the students besides kindled their learning about Christmas. The atrium of QMIS delighted and spellbound the incomers with its sanctified and pious settings of the Christmas crib and the Christmas tree. The day commenced with little angels calling upon the Almighty to shower blessings with an inspiring song. It was ensued by a profound PPT by Ms. Vimala where she emphasized on the humble birth of Jesus Christ besides unraveled the enigmatic and latent facts behind the humble birth of Christ Jesus. Ms. Catherine shared about the values of repentance and restitution with an idea to enable the students to repent for all their shortcomings during the year and plan for restitution of their shortcomings in the coming New Year. Ms. Sujatha guided students to devise their New Year resolutions based on the values nurtured in them throughout the year. Followed by it was the Angel's Dance that mesmerized the spectators and a skit on "Love" added to its delight. The intellects of QMIS conducted a quiz based on Christmas. The choral group of QMIS flocked to the podium with enchanting Christmas carols that kept the throng vibrant. The day mounted to its peak with the most anticipated moment...the annual arrival of Santa Claus, dispensing holiday cheer from a-top his festive sleigh. The Santa Dance drenched the students in happiness and joy. The day wound up by Santa visiting all Graders and distributing gifts to all.

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