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Trekking to Sirumalai : July 1

“Exploration is an enchanting experience; it is a feel of getting connected with the unknown.” Trekking is a feeling to consciously explore the unexplored; it gives an excitement of conquering a new territory; it indicates the fear of being caught in the middle of nowhere. At the end when we undergo all these obstacles and come up victorious the feeling is marvelous and cannot be limited with words. Queen Mira International School has sworn to produce responsible global citizens. As an initiative, QMIS had planned a trek to Sirumalai which is a small hill station on the way to Natham, 25 kilometers from Dindigul city.

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“Clubs are a safe place to learn and grow – all while having fun. It is the place where great futures are started each and every day.” At Queen Mira International School focus is mainly on the holistic development of children. The various clubs that function at QMIS is one of the initiatives for the same.

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At the Erudite club we have been taking measures in implementing various activities to enhance the English language skills of our students. Public Speaking is difficult, it is frightening for many.

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India’s built Heritage &Traditional Indian flower tying activity

“Monuments and archaeological pieces serve as testimonies of man’s greatness and establish a dialogue between civilizations showing the extent to which human beings are linked.”

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Group Discussion

At the Erudite Club we have been taking measures in implementing various activities to enhance the English language skills of our students.
Group discussion sessions for Grades 3 to 8 was conducted thereby giving a platform for the students to be more vocal and expressive in their views. The topics given were:

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An introduction to the heritage club activities

“It’s not the honour we take with but the heritage we leave behind”.

As we hold the responsibility to pass on the heritage to our next generation the importance and richness of our heritage were shared with the children through a power point presentation. Introduction to India’s built heritage was given by showing pictures of ancient monuments like Qutab Minar, Ajanta and Ellora caves, Tajmahal, Lotus Mahal and many more.

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Think Lab Session

As a part of Think Labs session, children were made to perform various activities, so that they get hands on experience on the various scientific concepts. There were 6 activities for grade 6, 5 activities for grade 5, 8 activities for grade 6, nine activities for grade 7 and 8 activates for grade 8 .These activities would definitely help the children develop various skills - observing, thinking, comparing, classifying, predicting and chemical handling.

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Camping at Yercaud

“Sleep beneath the stars and let your spirit soar free.”

As a part of Adventure Club, QMIS joining hands with Yourekha had given an excellent opportunity for the students of graders IV to XI to camp at Yercaud. It was three nights and four days package that was packed with fun, frolic, adventure and learning.

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Picture Poetry

The Erudite Club in Queen Mira International School functions as a part of programme to promote the learning of the language and provide opportunities for interaction between the learner and the Teacher, which is vital for making learning of the language easier and enjoyable.

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Trip to Karandhamalai

"Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery” – John Ruskin

On the 9th of July, 2016 The Adventure Club of QMIS organized a trip to Karandhamalai which is 45kms away from the school. The students along with 15 teachers started their adventurous journey at 8.00 am from the school. At around 10.00 am the bus reached Karandhamalai.

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ThinkLab Activity Phase III

Science isn’t about Why, It is about Why not?

We at Queen Mira International School, give our children ample opportunity to explore and experiment. Graders 4 and above have their think Lab sessions where the children are slowly molded into scientists inducing them to come up with various small inventions. Various activities are conducted all through the year which acts as a tool to kindle their thinking skills. The students are able to understand and apply the theory concepts through various models and practical. The activities that were conducted in Term three are as follows.

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Write up on an Audio & Problem Solving

The Erudite club in Queen Mira International School functions as a part of a programme to promote learning of the language and provide opportunities for interaction between the learner and the teacher, which is vital for making learning of the language easier and enjoyable.

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Go Grain

“Millet is an alkaline- forming grain that’s gluten free and excellent source of B Vitamins, Magnesium and Anti oxidants”

As world is towards fast food, not knowing the value of the traditional food prepared in South India using different grains like samai, varagu, ragi, Kuthiravaalli, Thinai Kambu etc,. Students would have tasted food from different countries but not the ethnic food prepared by our Great grandmothers. A food feast was organized on 11th February 2016 with the objective of teaching the richness and goodness of traditional foods. This activity turned out to be a great success as the children showed eagerness in tasting the different food items and knowing its nutritional value.

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Display of Ancient things

“I am bound to them, though I cannot look into their eyes or hear their voices. I honor their history. I cherish their lives. I will tell their history. I will remember them”

To inculcate this value to our students, an Expo was organized on 11th of February, 2016 to display the ancient things used by our ancestors, to cherish their history and to remember them.

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Pride of Madurai

Though we live in Madurai for many years, we would have not been aware of the history, its rich values and heritage. Hence we felt to educate our students visually through videos about the History of Madurai, Madurai during the British rule, different heritage rich places like Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal, Meenakshi Amman temple, Samanar temple, Chettinad streets etc.

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Thoranam Making

Thoranam which is made from leaves of Mango, Palm and coconut are now replaced by the plastic ones without knowing the scientific reason behind those leaves tied as thoranam in front of home. Our ancestor made this from fresh leaves to avoid germs entering our home and to get some fresh air.

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Why Heritage club? How rich is our heritage?

“It’s not the honour we take with but the heritage we leave behind”

As we hold the responsibility to pass on the heritage to our next generation, the importance and richness of our heritage was shared with the children through a PowerPoint presentation.

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School Cinema Phase 2

Pop Corn club has always been one of the favorite clubs for the children. As a part of school cinema, short films were screened as per the schedule and the work sheets were completed. This term, the parents also had a wonderful chance to watch the school Cinema during the Mom and Me Season 2.

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Short Film – Shooting & Editing

For graders VI to VIII, as planned, the children completed their shooting and editing of the movies following the guidelines given in the work shop conducted by Mr.Naveen Sekar.

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School Cinema Phase 1

The new concept of School cinema that was launched this year is running successfully as the children have shown eagerness in watching the movies and thereby filling the worksheets given to them.

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Short Film Making – Workshop

As how we eagerly wait for the pop corns while watching a movie, Children were eagerly waiting for the pop corn club not for watching a movie but for making a movie.

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Spin the Yarn & Moral of a Story

English is the prime mode of communication in current day scenario. And for the very cause, Erudite Club functions every month to enhance the skills of the language through various activities. These activities not only edify the children of the skills but they also get polished in interpersonal skills which would help them cope up the competitions in the real time

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Picture Poetry & Group Discussion

Erudite club, having the objective of enhancing the language skills had conducted many activities related to it in the month October and November. Graders 4 - 8 were given an activity on Picture Poetry, where they were asked to write a poem.

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ThinkLab Activity Phase II

The Science club was in full swing during Term ‘II’; Graders 4 to 8 were given opportunities to learn and perform activities during their Think Lab sessions. Through these activities, students were able to learn the theory concepts with ease. These activities made it very simple for them to understand the basics in a better way and hence exhibited great eagerness in doing these activities.

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ThinkLab Activity Phase I

The following thinklab activities were conducted for Graders 4 to 8 during Term 1. Through these experiments, the children were able to learn the theoretical portions practically. It made it very easy for them to learn the basic concepts.

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Camping to Avalanchi, ooty

In order to give the children of QMIS a universal learning, the Management had arranged for a Camping trip as a part of Adventure club. 33 children of graders 5 to 8 accompanied by 4 staff members set off to The Destiny Farm stay, Avalanchi, Ooty on 5th September 2015.Going by the name “The Littlearth” , one was able to experience the 5 elements of the nature.

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Science Club Inauguration

QMIS deems that Youth – Science- Technology are inseparable. Hence QMIS Science Club that is dedicated to promoting student interest and achievement took the first step of stimulating innovative ideas by inaugurating the Science Club on July 31st 2015. Dr. Suganthi, the Associate Professor of the Department of Chemistry from Thiagarajar College for Arts and Science presided over the function and declared the club open. The guest was introduced and felicitated by Ms. Sujatha Gupthan, the Principal of QMIS.

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Heritage Club Inaguration

We at QMIS always believe that though a child has to be prepared to face the global world, should be grounded to the roots of tradition. In order to make the child experience our tradition, the Heritage Club of QMIS was inaugurated in a very traditional way on 24th of July 2015. The welcome by the thoranam, Chandanam and the kumkum gave a very special feeling to all those who had gathered there. Just like how the aroma of sandalwood fills the room, the audiences were captivated by the words of the chief guest Ms. Vani C. Chenguttuvan, Approved Regional Level Guide, India Tourism. She is a Researcher, Academic Consultant and Coordinator of heritage club and various associations.

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Popcorn Club Inaguration

Watching movie with popcorn in hand is one of the favourite activities of many. Just the same way, Popcorn club in Queen Mira International School is also one of the most preferred clubs for the children.

In order to edutain our children through this contemporary phase of learning, our Popcorn Club was inaugurated on July 17th 2015. To bring in variety and excitement, the activities for this year were planned to be School Cinema till grade V and Short Film Making for grades VI to VIII. To add on to this exhilaration, the chief guest of the day, Mr.Vinoth Chan, the Asst.Cameraman of the blockbuster movies like Kumki and Nimirnthu Nil and Director of various Short Films made the children sit on the edge of their seats.

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Erudite Club Inaguration

Queen Mira International School stands unique in whatever it does. As a team we have been taking measures and implementing various activities to enhance the English Language skills of our students. We, the team of QMIS strongly believe that as the leaders of tomorrow our children should be well groomed and highly affluent with the communication skills. And what else could be a better option to lay a platform for this but for the Erudite Club. Yes, it was once again that time of the year when the Erudite Club was grandly inaugurated.

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