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Gross Motor Activity

X SEED curriculum uses thematic approach to integrate concept formation and skill development in children. Basic disciplines such as reading, maths and science are integrated rather than dealing in isolation. Thematic instruction involves the social, emotional, cognitive and physical-motor skills that addresses not just multiple learning outcomes but also caters to different kind of learners.

At QMIS, the kindergarteners were involved in activities that develop the gross motor skills such as, collecting the balls, grouping the balls into the bowls, identifying different vegetables and placing them at the allotted spots, inserting straw into the sandpit and other barrier games. Gross motor competency helps the children to have confidence on their abilities, gives them health benefits as they stay active and avoids developmental delays. It was indeed a cool sight to watch the tiny tots cheerful and busy on task.

"If we work together, we can make a significant difference to children's early success in school".

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