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Western Dance floor Inauguration

Life today has become so mechanical for people of all ages. It is very essential to stress out our pressures and refresh our thoughts mind and soul. There are many options budding out as stress busters while DANCE takes the first pose out of all. Dance is one such form of art which mesmerizes both the performer and the on looker. Dancing is like dreaming and expressing with your toes.

The students of Queen Mira International School have emerged to be excellent performers in various cadres. And when it comes to DANCE, they rock the floor as the floor had never been rocked. And what else could have been a better need of ‘The Dance Floor’. Yes, to appreciate the dancers of QMIS the school had inaugurated the ‘Western Dance Studio/ Foor’ on the 1st of August 2015. The children were excited and felt gifted. Dr Anitha Fenn, a prominent classical dancer and the proprietor of YOUFORIA Dance School at K.K.Nagar had been the distinguished guest of the day to do the honors. Dr Anitha, though a doctor by profession is a great dancer by passion.

Tip - Tap - Toe is the mantra we follow. We groove to our hearts and we are the best dancers ever.

Some Dance for laughter

Some Dance for tears

Some Dance to live

Some Dance to breathe

Some Dance to win

But we dance because we like to JUST DANCE…….

And when we dance we ROCK the FLOOR…….

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