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A day with doctor

A day with doctor

It is very necessary to help children imbibe habit of cleanliness at an early age. The habit of cleanliness is a must have for every individual and nothing can be as good as making our kids to learn cleanliness at an early age. Hence we invited Dr. Jasmin Rajkumar, a child psychologist, who has done her Bachelors in Human psychology, Masters in Psychology and also her Masters in Social Work to have an interaction with our QMIS kids about cleanliness and hygiene.

The session was completely interactive and informative about cleanliness from top to toe. She started her session advising kids about early to bed and early wake up. Kids really enjoyed, when she sang a rhyme to brush teeth with sounds ‘EEE’, ‘AAA’, ‘OOO’. She also explained about importance of bathing, washing hands before and after meals, wearing clean clothes and shoes, clipping nails and its impacts.

Dr. Jasmin conveyed the message of avoiding chocolates and ice creams through a story about a girl, who suffered from cold and fever. Also conveyed the message to wash hands often and brush twice a day to keep the germs away.

Our kids also raised questions to the Doctor, which has been clarified by her. To make the session even more lively, she used stethoscope and made the kids hear their own heart beat which will be a memorable and inspiring moment for them. She also used a new kind of Thermometer, which changes colour according to temperature of the body.

The habit of cleanliness taught to our students at this early age will surely help them to maintain their health and hygiene forever. Finally our students conveyed their thanks through cards.

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