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Doctors’ Day

First of July has been designated as Doctors’ Day in India marking the birthday of Dr. Bhidan Chandra Roy, former Chief Minister of West Bengal and a legendary Physician. It is indeed important that both doctors and patients be made aware of the existence of this day and at the same time, of its relevance and significance in the larger context of healthcare in this country. The society owes a debt of gratitude to physicians for their contributions in expanding the ability of professionals to use the knowledge and tools effectively in the never ending fight against disease and death. The society also owes a debt of gratitude to physicians for the sympathy and compassion in administering the sick and alleviating human suffering. On this day the common people take the opportunity to thank all doctors all over the world. We had organized a get together for all the doctor Parents and honoured them for their remarkable service rendered to the society. Ms.Vimalarani Nihil and Ms.Aysha Siddhika gave a power point presentation on the significance of Doctors and their service. Chairman Dr.C.Chandran and the children of QMIS honoured the parents through a bouquet and a hand made card. Chairman thanked the Doctors on this occasion for their industrious service. Children were encouraged to interact with the doctors and made to get the pleasures and the pains of this profession directly from the doctors themselves. Doctor Parents were amused by the Students participation. Dr.Swaminathan and Dr.Sujeetha Swaminathan (P/o Sneha Swaminathan Grade 2), Dr.Chenthilnathan and Dr.Sujatha Chenthilnathan (P/o Guhan Kaalai Grade 5 and Gaurav Kaalai –Grade 7), Dr.Ravi and Dr.Seetha (P/o of Harshitha Grade 4), Dr.Umar Sherif ( P/o S.U.Maalick- Grade 6), Dr.Vinod Bose (P/o Krish Bose – KG 2 and Dharsana Bose – Grade 3), Dr.Leena (P/o Paramjeet – Grade 7), Dr.Jaleel (P/o Shahnaz Grade 8) and Dr.Shanmuga Sankar Ram (P/o S.A.Rakshitha - Grade 6) all graced the occasion. The doctors summed up the day with a note stating that there is a call for really dedicated and passionate people for this profession. This generation should see this need and must take up this profession and must willingly serve at least a part of their service in rural areas where quality medical service is still unreached.

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