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Day with the Doctor's

On July 5, 2014 a team of QMIS Grade 8 and 9 students along with their teachers had a visit to the various hospitals and met doctors of various specialist in order to honor them and to show our gratitude towards their effortless ventures, to celebrate the World Doctors’ Day. Children were divided into six groups and visited the following doctor parents at their work place. The objective of this visit was to spending a day with the doctor (atleast a few hours) and empathize on their professional responsibility. We were happy to receive the invitation acceptance from

  • Dr.Umarsherif , Dentist , P/o S.U.Maalick, Grade VII.
  • Dr. Ravi , Seva Scans , Radiologist P/o Harshitha Grade V
  • Dr.Saravanan Munisamy , Paediatrician , Rio Hospitals , P/o Prajit and Pritvi Saravanan.
  • Dr.Shanmuga Perumal – Nephrologist, Lee Kidney Centre , P/o Paramjeet, Grade VIII.
  • Dr.Soundarrajan, Nephrologist , Apollo Hospitals P/o S.Dhirshini Mystica Grade VI.
  • Dr.Chenthilnathan – Occupational Medicine & Dr.Sujatha Chenthilnathan , Dentist , P/o Guhan Kaalai Grade VI & Gaurav Kaalai Grade VIII.

In the afternoon the entire set of energetic and enthusiastic children along with the staffs were taken to government Rajaji Hospital with a motto for the children to have a real life experience of the doctors as well to make them realize and understand the practical life difficulties of the people coming from different places and how the doctors manage the entire day and dedicate and show their commitment towards their work with a passion for it.

We the team QMIS reached our destination by around 3.00 pm we had a small introduction with the Head of department Pediatric ward Mr.Mathavan later we were accompanied by Dr.Ramya, who took us all a small tour around the Hospital in particular to the out patients ward. She briefed us about the entire process being done right from the entry of the out patients, their registration process, the different venues used by different doctors to examine them, the wards with related to each disease, the lab for checking, the pharmacy, and finally the isolation ward and the pediatric ward, the whole tour was very exciting with lots of interaction taking place with the children, the children showed their interest too by asking lots of question to Dr.Ramya. She also briefed to the children about the 108 ambulance and their service rendered to the people and created the awareness of the same to our children.

As the saying goes ” all that begins well ends well “, it was our time to depart, we showed our gratitude and token of love for the effortless journey led by these doctors by giving a small card prepared by our students, we boarded our bus by 3.50 pm from the Rajaji Hospital with a heart full of great honor and pride indeed with a determination of doing something for our society in future being the leader of tomorrow.

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