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President Election

The session instigated with the queries like whether we had election in the ancient times. Instantly children said “no” which really made me happy. To motivate them again when I asked for reasons , I got a reply that the Kings were ruling by then. The presentation was made to make the kids informative on how elections were held in ancient India and that too in Tamilnadu as the palm leaves with candidate names, will be put inside a mud pot, for counting. Which was called Kudavolai system. The children were informed about, to become a president what is the qualification we require, What is the procedure of election, For how many periods the president holds office, Before entering upon his office, the President of India or any person acting as the President of India is required to take an oath in the presence of the Chief Justice of India or in his absence, the senior most Judge of the Supreme Court available and What is the emolument for us if we become President. And also they were informed about the List of possible Presidential Candidates.