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Ethnic Food Day

Heritage club Activities held in the month of October 2014

"Ethnic Food Day"

The history of Indian food and especially of Indian appetizer is closely related to the country's culture and traditions. Since ages, food in Indian culture has played a great role. The cuisine of South India is known for its light, low calorie appetizing dishes. The traditional food of South India is mainly rice based. It was known not only for its taste and aroma but also for one of the important means of developing good qualities in an individual. It was therefore equated with truth and right-order in the passage of disciplined and contended living.

The staff in charge for the Heritage club commenced the session with the above introduction and had conducted it with Power Point Presentation to show the different dishes prepared by our ancestors, among which some of the food practices are still existing and named as rare food items since the packed food dominated its place on the taste buds of humans.

The focus was mainly on the Tamil festivals and offerings to the Gods and Goddesses. The session's highlights were on

  • Seasonal food offering
  • During rainy season, they offered varieties of lentils to the Goddess as they had to have more of protein-in-take.
  • During winter season, more of oily food was consumed in order to withstand the cold season. Adhirasam was one of the popular fried foods as an offering to the Gods both at home and in temples It has an evidence from Krishnadevaraya's inscriptions.
  • The ancestor's life style, their food practices and the system they followed to burn their extra calories.
  • Their hospitality and art of serving the food on the plantain leaves

The discussions added more on health hazards of the present food and made a comparative study with the ethnic food and junk food. Eventually, the young minds had a good clarity in healthy food and had a strong determination in following the traditional food dishes.

As a result of it, Grade 5A was asked to bring delicious ethnic food items to the school and they called it their Ethnic Food Day. All the staff were invited and the students practiced hospitality and the art of serving food as well.

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