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Farm Visit - 2016

The Simple hearth of the small farm is the true centre of our universe.

In today’s scenario farming and farm has become magical words. A farm does not teach only about animals or trees. They also teach about love, hard work and character, In order to give our children the wonderful experience of learning what life is and the morals of it, KG children were taken to MS Dairy farm on 09.01.16, which belongs to one of our student of KG2B Guru in Viratipattu.

It was a typical farm with cattle and poultry in 1.5 acre of land. There was a huge coconut grove which added on beauty to the farm. The children were excited to have a close view of the farm animals and how they are being taken care of. They explored the farm in and out and came out with various questions. They enriched their vocabulary by learning new words like poultry, udder, milking and hatching. The trip came to an end with a concept discussion and rhyme time singing old Mc Donald verses.