Field Trip to Fire Station

Place : Thideer Nagar

Date : 07.09.2012

Field trip teaches kids about the important fundamentals outside the classroom. Here learning is facilitated with fun. To support the learning of the concept Jobs people do, a field trip to Madurai Thideer Nagar Fire Station was organized on 7th of September 2012. But learning happens anywhere and everywhere. It did happen for our Children . On the way to the fire station they had so many things to learn and recall. Traffic signals and traffic policemen, different means of transport are to name a few.

Children reached the fire station by 10.30 am .In the fire station we got introduced to Mr. R.Somasundaram- the station in charge who greeted and welcomed everyone. He detailed the job of the fire service department in a way that the kids could comprehend. Tour into the fire engine provided clear details about the supportive materials which helps the firemen. Next amazing sight for them was the fire tunic - ie the fire fighters dress.The different types of fire extinguisher cylinders like water, CO2, foam & dry chemical powder were also shown to the children. They showed a newly arrived truck for EMERGENCY RESCUE which contained the modern instruments for quick recovery. The officer concluded by sharing some tips with the Children about safe handling of fire crackers.

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