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Diwali the festive of lights is a dream of every individual. The preparation for this festival starts well ahead with buying fashionable attires, preparing mouth watering sweets and bursting crackers. Very few thinks proactively on the safety measures while playing with crackers. The negligence of the safety measures can end in sober.

At QMIS in conjunction with “Diwali Week” a Safe Diwali Campaign and a Fire Drill was organized by our Management members on the 25th of October, 2013 in association with the Tamilnadu fire service and rescue team.

Panic or chaos during a school fire emergency can have catastrophic results. To avoid this outcome, fire drills are the best way to prepare students and staff as to how they should react in the event of a fire. The school gathered very actively and enthusiastically for a briefing session by the Fire Team on the 5 different types of fires with the measures to put off fire followed by a demonstration on the various rescue methods like Fireman Lift, Monkey Lift, Load man Lift, Two, three, four hand seaters in which the young Rescue team of QMIS dynamically volunteered for demonstration.

The drill began with a Fire alarm – a warning sign for the students to evacuate the classrooms and reach the ground through safety evacuation routes in an orderly manner. The QMIS rescue team imitated the methods taught by the officials to bring their missing friends to the ground. Followed by this, the young learners were lucky enough to witness a practical session on rescuing people from the buildings using rope and the usage of fire extinguishers.

Diwali irrespective of being a celebration of joy is marred due to a high incidence of burns and blisters cases reported especially in children. To prevent this chaos, the Fire Team sensitized the children about the way in which firecrackers need to be burst and discarded.

This event was an initiative to educate the young minds on the fire safety measures and to spread across awareness messages for an eco-friendly and safer Diwali.

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