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First Aid Training
First Aid Training

“Danger never takes a vacation”

Each one of us knows the value of “LIFE”. But, there are situations in which it falls in danger and sometimes, without appropriate steps that need to be taken, lives are lost. Yes, in most of the cases of injury, lack off first aid leads the injured to his last breath.

A session on the importance of first aid was facilitated by Mr.Siluvaimani , the Secretary and Mr.Jawaharlal, the lecturer of St.John’s Ambulance Service on the 1st of November, 2014 for Grades 7 and 8.

A participatory approach was adopted by the trainers to present the basic techniques of first aid which included CPR, treatment for fractures, bleeding, poisoning, epilepsy, snake bite etc. By the end of the session a strong message was imparted in the minds of the children that “A proper action at proper time will save a valuable life from danger that awaits us with a bigger face”.

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