GERMINATION OF SEEDS ACTIVITY – 28.08.12 to 06.09.12

Learning of the concept “ Plants” created a new arena for the children of KG 2 to explore. It was edutainingWhen . Children see flower bouquets in the florist store or roses blooming in the back yard , they have no clue as to how the plants and flowers got there. We the teachers initiated a small planting activity with our kindergarten students. Planting seeds was a hands-on activity that showed the children how plant life is created.

Each child was given the responsibility for growing his/her own plant. They filled the soil into a Dixie cup, along with a fast-sprouting seeds (mustard seeds and the fenugreek seeds).The children kept the cup in a warm area with optimal sunlight. The children ensured that the soil is continuously moist with a few sprinkles of water daily. Within a few days the seed germinated and begin to sprout.Magical expressions were on the faces of the children on seeing the sprouts in their cup and owned the pride of a creator. They decided to continue the process and explore further. They not only observed the growth, their pots werealso photographed and they compared the growth of their sprouts every day for 10 days.

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