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Goal Setting Session of Graders 10

Setting Goal is the first step in turning the invisible into visible

On the path to success, there is always an “O”, some read it as an Obstacle and some read it as an Opportunity. We all our bestowed with strength and Weakness. Those who identify the strength and work on weakness will reach the destination. Goal setting is one tool that helps us separate our strengths from weaknesses and make realistic plans for improving our lives. Queen Mira International School takes another stride to motivate Graders 10 in “Goal setting” with the assistance of TOPKIDS , Madurai.

On 01.08.2015 , Dr. Pogirajan , the Psychiatrist , a well – experienced resource person from TOPKIDS visited QMIS and made Graders 10 streamline their minds on goal Setting through various group activities . Initially the session focused upon self-identification. Then it ensued with handling odd situations and challenges, managing themselves in team, gaining self-confidence and how to set their goals and achieve the same .Finally, the resource person briefed the skill development behind the activities and how it made sense to the entire session. It was an inspiring session that gave a lot of aspiration and firm determination to the students as they departed the venue.

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