Grandparent’s Day

“The old are the precious gem in the center of the house” reiterates the unique word and world found by “Grandparents”. The different role they play serves to emphasize their vital link with family. As we seek to strengthen the enduring values of the family it is appropriate that we honor our grandparents.

Children of KG ll were proud to invite their grandparents to celebrate the grandparent’s day in their school” QMIS”. Children with great enthusiasm greeted the grandparents by saying “welcome Thatha and welcome paatti” by giving roses which show the significance of love. Holding their grandchild’s hand grandpa’s and grandma’s walked through the hallway with pride. It was indeed a very happy moment to see their proud face.

The function started with the prayer song by the kids. After the prayer VIP’s(grandparents)were requested to come forward and share their childhood experiences with the third generations. All of them willingly came forward and shared their childhood experiences and one of the grandmother narrated a few stories to the level of the child understanding. Our chairman added icing to the cake by his address to his QMIS grandchildren. The interaction between them brought in a lot of sharing of past to the future. Highlight of the day was Minister Sellur Raju who was also a grandparent of QMIS kid had taken all efforts to attend the day amidst his busy schedule and shared his sweet childhood experiences to all the grandchildren.

This wonderful day came to an end by grandparents cutting cake and sharing with all their grandchildren in the school. It was a memorable day not only for the grandparents and grandchildren but also to one and all those who were present . Grandparents went home with an excitement stating that “ Thank God , I did not miss this occasion”.

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