Gardening Activity

Gardening activity was carried out by both the Kindergartners to make them to learn the basics of plant life when studying the life cycle of a plant. Gardening is a passion and joy for many adults. Introducing children to gardening as a fun activity encourages a lifelong respect for growing things and an appreciation for the environment. We made them to understand the conditions required for the plants to grow and all the processes that are involved in a healthy growth through the gardening activity that was carried out in the campus.

KG 1 children who were learning the concept of "Jobs people Do" met the gardener, interacted with him on the work that make the plant grow right. They shared a hand in his work while he was preparing the ground for the job and planted the sapling they brought. KG 2 learnt to appreciate the growth of the plant and decided to own their plant in the campus to care and nurture.They do carried cute saplings which were planted in the premises. It was an inexpensive activity which brought in a lot of experiential learning in the child

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