Healthy Smile

A bright smile is really admired by all as it touches the heart of everyone . Baby without teeth has a cute smile-a child with teeth also smiles beautifully. To make a child smile brightly lies in the hands of elders. We should teach them how to take care of their teeth and what are the possibilities to keep their teeth healthy.

To make the children understand about this we had Dr. Umar Sheriff a dental surgeon interacted with KG kids . With a bright smile on his face he made the children comfortable and also showed them some nice cartoons related to the teeth. Clippings of a bad tooth and a good tooth instantly made the kids to understand the concept. When the doctor asked the children to eat their favourite chocolates/ sweets but to brush regularly after eating there was a wave smile on all faces.

The children also had a dental checkup and a report was given by the doctor. He also gave some tips for elders to be followed for the kids dental hygiene.

  • Provide children with fresh fruits, vegetables.
  • Serve sugary or starchy food as part of a meal rather than snacks.
  • Allow the child to drink water in between the meals because that will wash many food particles off the tooth.
  • After the age of nine flossing can be done as it removes the food particles between the teeth where a brush cannot reach and helps preventing decay
  • VISIT a dental doctor once in three months and ensure yourself that you give a beautiful smile and all admires the smile.

The kids were very happy and went home saying

  • "I can eat chocolates but must brush my teeth".

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