A Hearty Party

Have we come across kids who are fussy to eat. We have parents always saying my child does not relish the food I make but always says my friend brings nice yummy snacks and lunch? So why don't we ask the kids to make something they like.

It was the day for children of KG ll to show their talent in preparing the easy sandwich. It was on Friday 28.09.2012 , the kids came together bringing the needed stuff to make sandwiches. With the help of the teachers they peeled the cucumber, cut the carrots and tomatoes spread the cheese, butter and jam on the bread.

The procedures to prepare a sandwich was demonstrated by the teachers like washing the hands, wearing gloves ,tying the apron and wearing the chef cap.The children were instructed what is the first thing to do and next to do so every stage the instruction was given by the teacher. The names of the tools like peeler, bread knife, butter knife, plank and the ingredients like bread , loaves sandwich butter, peanut butter, cheese, cucumber, tomato and carrot were introduced to the kids.

Finally the sandwich party began and the children enjoyed preparing and serving to Mr. Abinath and Ms.Sujatha .Children also relished the sandwich proudly as it was their own preparation though helped by the teachers.

It was a nice experiment for the kids who promised to help their mother in preparing a sandwich.

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