Heritage Club Inaguration

Heritage club Inaguration

A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.

Mahatma Gandhi

We at QMIS always believe that though a child has to be prepared to face the global world, should be grounded to the roots of tradition. In order to make the child experience our tradition, the Heritage Club of QMIS was inaugurated in a very traditional way on 24th of July 2015. The welcome by the thoranam, Chandanam and the kumkum gave a very special feeling to all those who had gathered there. Just like how the aroma of sandalwood fills the room, the audiences were captivated by the words of the chief guest Ms. Vani C. Chenguttuvan, Approved Regional Level Guide, India Tourism. She is a Researcher, Academic Consultant and Coordinator of heritage club and various associations.

The club in charges Ms.Gayathri Devi and Ms.Janani Balaji were keen in bringing the tradition in anything and everything they did. They started their presentation with a “Namaste” and “Vannakam” which gave in a lot of excitement and expectations from the children. The objectives and the proposed activities for the academic year 2015-16 were briefed by them. The session came to an end with an appreciation from the chief guest for having organized a Heritage Club for the children. To emphasize on “Virunthombal”, one of our tradition, the Club in charges also offered Kadalamittai and Kamarkattu for treating the taste buds in addition to the treat offered to the eyes and ears.

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